• How do I register?
    • Go to the event page for the specific event you would like to register for from the main SFA page (click events on the upper left of the page, select the event).  If registration for that event is open, the instructions will be listed there.
  • What if the event I want to register for doesn’t have instructions?
    • That means the event registration for that event is not open yet.
  • How soon are registrations open?
    • Registration is scheduled to open approximately 6 weeks prior to each event and the notification will be announced on our main FB page.
  • What is the main FB page?
  • How old does my child need to be to surf?
    • Minimum age to surf is 4 years old.
  • Can I register my typical child?
    • We do not have the resources to surf the siblings but they may still come out and enjoy the day.
  • Do I need to fill out another waiver if I did one already?
    • No, once we have confirmed your waiver, you don’t need to sign or bring another one.